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Pixel Tokos! (My Gang! :D)

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Ragnarokkr, Tazzy Devil, Uriel, Nuniq, CloudJumper, Kanosak, TakTuq

~Pixels by ToraBri~


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Favorite genre of music: Mix up. I don't really lean heavily toward one thing. Whatever really catches my interest? From Classical to EDM. It's a very odd taste in music.

Favorite style of art: I look for good sketches, quality coloring and nicely done shading. While I'm mostly a Digital kind of commissioner, I will buy Traditional from time to time.

MP3 player of choice: IPhone. I don't even think they make MP3s anymore XD

Color of choice: I like the color white, black, grey, silvery and blue colors. Punk orange, purple and pink are the only ones I don't care for.

Favorite cartoon character: Is anime a cartoon? I'll watch random stuff now and then. Still a lover of Pokemon and I've gotten into watching some Steven Universe.

Favorite TV series: I like the Walking Dead, Strain and a few other shows. Trying to spread myself out a little, but my love will always be crime shows. Law and Order FTW!

Favorite Movies: Star Wars and Harry Potter are my top favs. I also enjoy Jurassic Park, anything Disney (because who doesn't?), Dreamworks, Marvel and anything along those lines. Spirited Away is another favorite that I really do enjoy.

Favorite Video Games: Damn, that is a hard one. I'm more the casual gamer. I enjoy things like Pokemon, Fantasy Life, Resident Evil, Half Life, Borderlands and Dragon Age. ARK is my new love. <3 Really enjoy it. I also enjoy playing shooters and exploring types of games. Not much for racing or sports. Never really been good at those.

Favorite animal: Guinea pigsssss~ But I also love cats, dogs, horses and snakes. Fantasy animal would be Guardian Lion Dogs or ShiShi, dragons and kitsune foxes. Who doesn't love those types of imaginary creatures?

What do you do for a living? Currently working retail. I would rather not say since there are a few people on this site who'd do what they could to get me fired from my work.

Why do people dislike you? Because no one can think outside their ass. While there most likely people who do hate me, I usually ignore them. It's best to move on from those types of people and enjoy life how it is.
I'm looking for any plushie people that might be open for commissions. My brother's birthday is coming up and I want to get him a special pokemon doll. *he's a big pokemon fan* That or maybe something from Xenoblade Chronicles if possible.

If anyone knows any plush artists that are open and link me their journals I would be forever grateful!
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“Come on Ryan! You move any slower and will miss the whole herd!” Why of all days did he have to be sleep riding?!? How the heck WAS he sleep riding? It was unheard of! Yet there Ryan was. Head lulled back with his mouth partly open as he tettered back and forth in his saddle. Soft snores could be heard over the paw padding of both their Tokotas. Bounty Hunter’s Vengeance seemed to ignore the drool that dripped down his master’s lips as he quickly trotted after the much large Tokotas before him. Dawn of a New Hope, whose handler had been the one calling Ryan out, seemed very excited as her large paws and long Dire legs made galloping across a snowy field so much fun! Cassandra could only sigh as she held tight hold of her mount’s reins. While Hope would never be one to toss her, she still didn’t want the Dire bolting from excitement and dumping her on the ground.

That would hurt. Why was Ryan sleeping so much now? Oh, right. He had been working on the new barn. That’s why. Suddenly as if awakened by a ghostly touch the red headed punk snapped himself awake as he looked blurry eyed around the forest they were traveling through. “Um… we there yet?” Shifting his body upward and stretching out he yawned for a moment before reaching up with his leather gloved covered hand to wipe off the spit that covered his chin. Ew. Gross. Rolling her eyes, Cassy just ignored the weirdo as they both Tokotas soon reached over the hillside and looked down. There they were. A huge herd of freshly migrated caribou. Just what the two were looking for. If they could catch a few it would feed the rest of their Tokotas for a good week or more. Now. How to start this hunt…


Nukka surveyed the area from Alizarin’s back. The red Toko moved effortlessly through the snow, sure of her movements. Next to the trotted Tulugaq, Nukka’s newest addition. The young black Toko had her lavender eyes wide open, looking at everything they were going past. This was her first time out of the stables, her first hunt. She had to learn sometime, and since Liz was a decent hunter, it made sense to pair up the two. Not bringing her brothers along also meant Nuka didn’t have to deal with constant banter that could scare any game away.
Liz wuffed softly, drawing Nukka’s attention. The female rider peered through her mask at what Liz had seen. She slid down from the Tokos back, examining the snow. Ah; Toko footprints. There was someone else out here. And the tracks were fairly fresh, if she was any kind of judge. Perhaps the rider would want to team up to take down larger game? That is, if these weren’t the tracks of a wild Toko. Hopefully not; Nukka didn’t want her girls to get into a fight that would surely leave them injured.
Climbing back into the saddle, she followed the tracks, until she spotted the Tokos at the top of a rise. Two of them, and they both had riders. She breathed a quiet sigh of relief. Tulu whined loudy, pulling on her reins. She wanted to go and greet the new Tokos. But Nukka held her back. One of the Tokos was massive, far bigger than her two girls. She’d never seen anything like it. Was it friendly? Her tail swished nervously as she debated what to do. Any moment now those Tokos would probably catch their scent, or hear Tulu.


Snort. Something was coming toward them. Already Hope and Ven had picked up the scent from the changing wind direction. The half mane was first to give a soft growl as he turned down toward where they had come from to spot another handler and two Tokotas with them. Spinning her head about, Hope let out a almost yodeling type of bark in her excitement to see more Tokotas. “Whose that?” Ryan peered from where he sat on Ven’s back before throwing Cassy a glance. “I’m not sure. Say here and watch the herd. Maybe they would like to join us?” Giving Hope’s thick mane a pat, Cassandra nudged her forward as the two walked toward the newcomers. “Heya! You have some pretty Tokotas there. I’m Cassandra.” Once Hope was a good five or so feet away the grey haired youth turned her slightly so she could get a better look at the others. She’d never seen them before, but that didn’t mean anything. Cassy was usually always friendly with new people. Well, most of the time. A certain cocky man was not given the nice treatment like this young woman. It was easy to see however the other handler wasn’t so sure. “Oh, don’t worry. This is my girl Hope. She’s really sweet and fine with other Tokotas. My friend Ryan up there with his Tokotas Ven. What’s your name?”


Sure enough, one of them was heading their way. It was a female, human in appearance, and she was riding the giant Toko. It looked like a normal Toko, just huge. The jaw strength it must have… “I’m Nukka.” Nukka called back. She tightened her grip on the reigns; Tulu was straining to go and meet the new Toko, whining as she pulled. Luckily Liz was holding her ground, either as unsure as her rider, or just because she knew to behave. “Forgive me, but… your girl Hope is a Toko right? Why’s she so huge?”


The question was innocent enough but brought a giggle to Cassandra’s lips. Had this girl never heard or seen a Dire before? Guess not. “Oh, Hope is a normal Tokotas. She’s a Dire. They’re like…” How to explain it? “They’re like any other Tokotas, but bigger. They tend to be pretty rare however. My girl was a gift from a friend of mine I know.” Giving Hope a pat Cassandra couldn’t help but smile at the memory. Hope had been just a pup when she got her. Already she was nearly the size of her daddy. “Don’t worry she won’t hurt you. Hope likes everyone else. A real sweetheart.” Hopefully the Dire’s size wouldn’t scare the new girl away. Though Cassy quickly came up with an offer to help ease the tension. “Would you like to hunt with us? Seven is always better than four.”


A Dire? She’d never heard of such a thing. Her brothers hadn’t mentioned them anyway. But a Toko was a Toko, and Nukka smiled from behind her mask. She nudged Liz’s sides, guiding her and Tulu toward the pair. Tulu immediately dropped into a play bow, her tail wagging. “Tulu, not right now. You’ll scare away all the game.” Nukka looked at Cassandra. “I would love to join you. We’re out here for Tulu’s first hunt. She’s a bit spirited, so I’d be grateful for the additional help.” She chuckled. “And it seems she’s really taking a liking to your Hope.” Indeed, the Toko had ignored Nukka’s words, and was trying to move closer to sniff Hope’s fur.


Good! Everything seemed calm once more. “Perfect! This will be Hope’s 6th or 7th hunt. So she is still learning. Ven seems to be a pro even though he’s only been on one hunt.” Motioning toward the half mane the youth let Hope edge closer as the Dire’s head lowered and her ears flicked forward. Closer… closer… LICK! Right on Tulu’s nose! Hope let out a happy grumble as her short thick tail wagged back and forth. Giggling, Cassy turned her giant mount turned the hill top and nudged her forward. “We found a huge herd of caribou. Ryan and I are trying to gather enough meat for this weeks food supply. Did you want to make this a riding hunt or let our mounts do their thing without us?”


Tulu yelped in surprise, but her tail came up, wagging furiously. Nukka couldn’t help laughing. “Riding, probably.” She said quietly as she followed Cassandra up the hill. “That way I can watch and assist Tulu and Liz if they need it.” She pulled her bow from behind her and set it on her lap, just in case. Leaning down, she stroked Liz’s cheek. “Ready to hunt some caribou, Liz?” The reddish Toko woofed quietly in agreement. Nukka smiled, pulling on Tulu’s halter to get her attention. “Okay Tulu, this is your first hunt. So pay attention to the other Tokos. Don’t just dart out there by yourself. Caribou have sharp hooves and large horns. They can seriously injure you if you aren’t careful.” The black Toko blinked slowly. Hopefully, that meant she understood. “Okay, we’re ready.” Nukka told Cassandra.


That sounded good to her. Plus, this would be the first time she rode Hope while hunting. Something about breaking out into a run on her Dire’s back filled the youth with excitement. Upon seeing the two reach the top of the hill Ryan gave the newcomer a glance over before letting out slight grunt. “Already making friends Cassy? Well, better than the last group I guess. Whats up. Names Ryan. This is Ven.” Motioning toward his half mane the red-headed punk turned the male tokotas toward the three females. Ven seemed to eye all of them before pulling his head back and giving a shake of his large head. Well, as long as they didn’t try to pull anything he was alright with them being there. “We’re hunting from the saddle today Ryan. Sound alright?” Cassandra turned toward her friend who only shrugged and reached behind him to pull out the hunting rifle he carried. “Sounds good to me. It’s been awhile since I used my baby here. Might as well get what we can. Hope can carry at least four dead caribou on her back.” Rolling her eyes, Cassy’s attention returned to Nukka as she motioned for the woman to follow her over the hillside. “Ryan will bring up the rear. Let’s head down first and try getting close without spooking the whole herd okay?” With that, Hope bounded over the hillside and began sneaking downward toward the dozens of caribou that grazed below them.


Well that was a surprise. Cassandra was so friendly Nukka’d expected the male, Ryan, to be the same. But he wasn’t. Was the gruff demeanor because of her, or was he always like that? At least his Toko was pretty. When he pulled the gun out, she winced. She didn’t think much of guns; they were too loud for her sensitive hearing. But since she was sorta imposing on their hunt, she didn’t say anything, instead merely nodded in his direction. She led Liz and Tulu after Cassandra. Luckily the Tokos seemed to realize that stealth was in order. Even Tulu was quiet and alert for once. Very carefully, Nukka leaned over from Liz’s saddle, lifting Tulu’s reins and tying them to the saddle on her back. Now she would be able to run without getting tripped up in the reins. She saw Tulu’s muscles bunch, but the Toko miraculously waited instead of charging. Liz tensed too as they got within a few Toko-sized bounds of the caribou herd.


“Sorry about him. Ryan is…” An asshole? Cocky little punk? Someone who needed a good slap? Yeah, that was all Ryan right there. “He’s a little iffy around new people. Don’t mind him. Ryan came from a pretty tough background. He’ll warm up to you if you stick around long enough.” At least Cassy hoped he would. Ryan seemed cranker than normal due to lack of sleep. But! It was hunting time. No more talk! Hunching over her Tokotas’ mane Cassy didn’t her best to keep out of sight as Hope lowered herself to the ground. Probably not the best way to sneak close to the herd. The caribou already seemed to sense them as a few heads poked up from the grass to stare at them. Shit, this wasn’t going to work. “Go Hope go!” Nudging the Dire’s sides she felt Hope’s back legs kick off as the giant beast leaped forward and within a few long strides knocked one of the smaller caribou over. The rest of the herd bolted quickly as they tried escaping the oncoming hunters. “Nukka! Try and move the herd toward Ryan!” If they could get a couple extra caribous that would be awesome! Luckily for Cassy, Ven had caught up with the crew with back free of the extra weight. Ryan continued to stand on the hillside while his mount chased down another caribou and pounced on it. Holding up his rifle, he waited for the animals to get closer before he’d shoot.


Ah, so it wasn’t just her fault. Well, there was no more time to talk about it. Nukka tied Liz’s reins to the saddle, trusting Liz to not dump her when they ran. When the Dire bounded forward, she released her hold on Liz and Tulu, letting them do the running. Tulu raced after Hope, as Nukka had expected. Hearing Cassandra’s call, Nukka held onto Liz with her knees alone, bow raised as they tried to cut to the front of the herd. The caribou were fast, but so were Tokos, and Liz was exceptionally quick on her feet. They managed to turn a few of the animals back the way they had come. Liz grabbed the hind leg of one, breaking it, and Nukka quickly shot an arrow to put the beast out of its misery. She looked up to see if the caribou they’d turned toward Ryan had been taken down.


Lost in her own little hunting world the Dire leaped onto another caribou as it released a moaning scream before being crushed to the ground. That was two! Not bad for a shaky start. But they weren’t alone as Nukka’s other mount seemed to be following the larger Tokotas about. “Come on Hope! Help Tulu!” Giving a nod of her giant head Hope took off again as her large legs pushed her forward faster than most normal Tokotas, though she wasn’t about to attack another caribou. Instead, a small pool of them had started up the steep hillside which caused them all to slow as rocks tumbled around them. Letting off a bark, Hope bounded a few more steps before scattering the bunch. A few ran down the hill as Hope drove them toward Tulu. Hopefully the female would want to help out in her first hunt. BANG! BANG! BANG! Three shots rang out as Ryan eyed the caribou that had started toward him. Two fell while the third seemed confused and reared in panic. Coming up behind it, Ven leaped on the caribou’s back as he attempted to drag it down. Easier said than done as the animal tried crushing one of his paws.


Luckily Tulu was very into the hunt, for all that she wanted to play endlessly with Hope. When the caribou headed her way, she gave a mighty spring up, landing on one of the smaller animals. It took her a moment to figure out what to do, but then she bit into its neck, killing the caribou and making it crash to the ground. She sat above it, tongue lolling out, a huge smile on her face.
Meanwhile, Liz had notice Ven having difficulties with a larger, panic-stricken caribou. Letting out a loud growl, she raced over to help. Nukka vaulted off Liz’s back, sighting on another of the caribou. Her ears were still ringing with the sound of the gunshots. Shaking her head to clear it, she let an arrow fly. Behind her, she could hear growls and barks as Liz did what she could to help Ven.


No broken paw today, but Ven’s side was scuffed up from where the caribou and kicked him. Groaning in pain the half mane let go of the animal as Liz seemed to bolt after it. Panting heavily as he slowly moved toward Nukka’s position and gave her hand a nudge with his head. The pain would go away, it was nothing more than a giant bruise to a Tokotas, but still, it hurt! So called leader of the pack was a mere pup right now as he tried seeking out some attention for his trouble. After Tulu caught her prey, Hope let out a high pitched happy yelp as she trotted over to the smaller female and nudged her head with the others. “Good job girls! Let’s see how everyone else is fairing.” There was a count now of eight or so dead caribou. Plenty for all! “Not bad with the arrows. I can use a crossbow from time to time.” Making his way down the hillside Ryan swung the gun around to his back as he eyed Ven. He’d need to make sure the half mane was alright, but so far he was standing and there was no blood. More than likely he’d just end up with a black bruise along his side for awhile. “Where’d you learn to shoot like that girly?”


Liz chased after the offending caribou, nipping it sharply before finally bringing it down. She growled over it for a moment. Then she trotted back over to where Ven was, watching him nudge her handler. She didn’t get any closer, just watched.
Meanwhile Tulu was in high spirits. She pranced around Hope as they made their way back to the others. Her first hunt, and it had been a success!
Nukka blinked in surprise when Ven nudged her hand. She didn’t see any blood or crushed paws, but she knew he must be hurting after the tussle. With careful hands she explored the half-mane’s body, locating the pain on his side. She stroked his head soothingly, and then walked over to dig into the pack on Liz’s back, extracting a small bottle of liquid. “My grandmother is the village’s wisewoman.” She explained to both Ven and his handler as Ryan walked over.  She made this in case either of my Tokos got injured in this hunt.” She looked up at Ryan. “It will soothe his hurt.” Waiting for him to give the okay, she answered his question. “My older brother Atka taught me. He’s the best hunter in the village. He learned from our father.”


While Ryan would usually put ice on the wound when they got back, he allowed for Nukka to help out since Ven seemed to be milking his wound. Typical for him. Of course Ryan said nothing about his mount as he glanced toward where Cassy was coming from. “Go right ahead. Thanks. I didn’t bring anything with me and it would be a while till we get home and put some ice on it.” Speaking of which, they were going to have to drag a few of these bodies. Hopefully whatever Nukka had would help Ven out. He wasn’t getting out of carrying his share. Once Cassandra got to the others she swung herself off Hope’s back and looked around. The caribou they did kill laid within the short brown grass while the herd had fled and disappeared from the small valley. “Good job everyone! Now we just have to pack everything up and head out.”


Very carefully Nukka poured the liquid into her hands and began working it into the Toko’s fur to reach his bruised flesh. It appeared to help. The Toko didn’t seem to be in as much pain anyway. Once done, she wiped her hands in the snow and gave the half-mane a gentle head caress. Then she went to her two Tokos, praising them for a job well done. She gave them a few strips of smoked meat, and then looked at the caribou. They had managed to bag eight of them. If she took two, that would be plenty for them for a while. Her Tokos should be able to carry one each. But would that be fine with the others? “How should we divide this up?”


“How about three for you and the rest for us? You did help bring down the last one.” Cassy offered, though wasn’t sure what Nukka wanted. “Hope can carry about four of them. Ven one or two. We should be able to get them home with no worries. If anything we can have the other one be drug behind us.” They really should have brought an extra Tokotas along to help out. Whoops. Guess they’d have to deal for now. Either way Ryan began collecting the rope and tying four caribou to Hope’s back. It was a good thing Cassy and her had practiced with lifting up things or this would have been hard.


Wow, three? That was pretty generous. Nukka nodded. “Thank you. And thank you for the hunt. I enjoyed it.” And she honestly had. It probably wouldn’t have been as fun if it had just been her and the two Tokos. She got out ropes, and with the help of Liz, got one of the caribou secured to Tulu’s back. The young Toko staggered slightly, but was still able to bear the weight. Again with help, she got the second tied to Liz’s back. The third she strung between them, just high enough off the ground that it wouldn’t be mutilated when they got home. That done, she turned to the two other riders. “I hope we’ll be able to hunt again in the future. My village is just over those hills.” She pointed west to a series of snowy mounds. “If you ever want to come and visit.” Liz and Tulu exchanged their own farewells with Hope and Ven.


“See you!” A few waves later and the other two were off. “She’s nice. We should hunt again someday.” A grunt was Ryan’s reply as he followed after Cassandra and her loaded Dire. Poor Hope. She looks a little weighed down. Oh well, there would be plenty of treats for both Tokotas once they returned home.
Caribou Season! (Collab Hunting Story)
Link to import sheet: Dawn of a New Hope 9292 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring/caving) journal: Dawn of a New Hope's Tracking Journal
Items/Companions: Sturdy Bow and Flint Arrows
Defects/Health Issues: None

Link to import sheet: Bounty Hunter's Vengeance 9693 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring/caving) journal: Bounty Hunter's Vengeance's Tracking Journal
Items/Companions: None
Defects/Health Issues: None

Link to import sheet: Tulugaq 10808 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring/caving) journal: Tulugaq Tracker
Items/Companions: None
Defects/Health Issues: None

Link to import sheet: Alizarin 10764 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring/caving) journal: Alizarin Tracker
Items/Companions: None
Defects/Health Issues: None

Word count: 3675 = 18HP
Handler Bonus + 2HP
Hunting Bonus + 2HP
Collaboration + 1HP

Total HP = 23HP
So begins another day. Unlike the last one in which Naasir and Finduilas had a rather pleasant day to spend hunting Walrus, the dark clouds overhead threatened to make their next rite a bit more of a challenge. The forecast called for thunder and maybe a few crackles of lightning. Something the young man didn’t really want to deal with when it came to this particular rite. He and his mount would be outside for awhile. The next five days Naasir and mount Finduilas would be traversing through the wilderness in an attempt to local totems and figure out where the finish line was located. Each totem would lead them to where they had to go. Once they crossed the finish line, they would pass the second rite and move onto the last portion of their struggles. However, there was also a time limit to this rite. Five days was the allotted time that they had been given and if those five days were up before they finished than they would have to do the whole thing over again. Naasir never liked doing things more than once. He would make sure that the first time would be their first time. But it wasn’t just himself and his Tokotas that Naasir had to deal with. Glancing over his shoulder, the handler’s one good eye spied the others slowly making their way toward him. After the first rite had been completed, Ryan, the thick headed and rude childlike man had decided to make it his mission to get himself in on a group Fortitude. Not only that, but he had invited another to come with them as well. A pretty young girl whose mount reminded Naasir a lot of the grey spotted seals that dove among the coastal areas. What was her name? He didn’t remember off the top of his head. Not that he really cared. If he could have he would have left the two by themselves and taken Fine ahead. But, he had given his word. Well, kinda. He had been forced to give his word by the unruly red head whom wouldn’t stop bothering him. Sighing softly, Naasir had no say in the matter now. He was packed and ready to go with his best saddle placed on Fine’s back. The half mane van gogh female seemed to perk up at the sight of the other mounts. She remember the other half mane, Clever Girl from before. But the other female she had not met yet. Not that it bothered her. The more along the trip meant that catching prey would be easier. Especially if they wanted something larger to snack on.

“Ready?” It was time again for that oh so lovely trip around the tundra wilds. Like before with his mount Yamaha, Ryan now road his slightly more snappy half mane Clever Girl. The browned female not looking so thrilled to once again be pulled away from the comfort of the barn. Not only that, but she had been forced to carry a pack as Ryan kept himself seated on top of her back. Huffing slightly, the irritated female pinned her ears to the back of her head as she threw her maw upward in an attempt to gain control once more. “Stop it!” Ryan would have none of that. Clever knew how to push his buttons and after spending a year training her she still continued to try and call the shots. Just as wild and unruly as ever. Would Clever ever give into him? Probably not. She was more wild than tame even if she had been born a captive Tokotas. Maybe they were a perfect match? Either way, Ryan was happy to see that Naasir hadn’t tried slipped off from the team effort Ryan had talked him into. The last time he had done his Fortitude Rite the two extra people had helped a lot. Not to mention it was easy to keep a look out for the totems when you had a lot more eyes. Once Clever got to where Fine stood, the browned half mane female let out a soft growl before turning her head away from the other. Fine may be alright with her, but Clever didn’t enjoy the company of anyone she didn’t like. Which was mostly everyone. “Hey Naasir. Glad to see you didn’t take off without us.” A cocky smirk took over the frown that had once plastered Ryan’s face as he motioned toward the female whom followed behind him. “Naasir this is Miri. I’ve known her for a bit and she needed to do this rite as well.”

With eyes on her, Miri seemed a bit unsteady as she turned toward the newcomer and gave a nod of her head. “Pleasure meeting your acquaintance Naasir. I am glad I don’t have to do this alone.” A soft smile crossed her lips as she reached down to pat the grey tawny girl. “This is Sephyra. No need to worry, she is tougher than she looks.” Naasir made it clear that he didn’t seem thrilled with them being there. What with the scowling frown on his face and the way he eyed them. Still, she did her best to try and lighten the mood. If only Ryan wasn’t glaring right back at the other. “Maybe we should head out… we only have five days?” Speaking of which, they were wasting time weren’t they? Luckily both men seemed to stop their eyeballing of one another before Naasir turned Fine around and nudged her forward. “Finduilas. My mounts name. We have five days to complete this rite. After that then we can go our separate ways.” Trotting off from the two, Ryan merely rolled his eyes before turning his attention toward Miri. “Mister personality isn’t he?” Giving Clever a hard nudge, the grumbling female followed after the other while Miri told Sephyra to follow them. Hopefully everything would be alright with them joining in on this rite. While Miri enjoyed the company of others, she got the feeling that Naasir did not and with Ryan there it felt like a lot of yelling may be in their future. “Hopefully the spirits will be kind to us.” If only Miri knew the storm that was about to hit. She would have prayed harder.

Screams of wind and hard droplets of frozen water hit each of their faces as the group of six attempted to make their way across the great tundra plains. It was already their second day in and unlike his first fortitude, Ryan found this one a greater challenge. It was a good thing he remembered to bring his goggles or his eyeballs would have froze solid inside his skull. Miri seemed to have better luck as she kept behind the two men and their female half manes. Naasir lead the group as he kept his scarf wrapped tightly around his face and urged his mount forward. Blasting winds stung the Tokotas eyes, but Fine continued to push forward as her head hung low toward the ground and her paws digging deep into the piling snow. Clever on the other hand seemed to be throwing mini fits whenever she got the chance. It would start with a buck or a hard tug of the reins. If she could just get free she wouldn’t have to deal with this! But Ryan held his ground as his fingers tightened around the leather reins and his body hugged the brown half manes body. Sephyra seemed to be the only one out of the bunch that kept her wits about her. She had traveled through the wilderness before. With Miri’s spirit friend and her group of wild Tokotas. This stuff was child’s play. Than again she did have a thicker coat while the two half manes had to deal with the freezing cold that hugged in on them from all sides.

“Do you see anything!” Attempting to get Naasir’s attention, Ryan called out to him while the howling of the wind overhead blew past. The muffled noise didn’t seem to reach the other as Naasir continued pushing forward. They had to find the first totem and find it soon. “Where is it girl? Can you find it?” Leaning over, he placed a hand on Fine’s neck as he looked into the female’s partly closed gaze. Whining softly Fine only pushed ahead as the other two were forced to follow behind. They couldn’t lose one another or they would get lost in the blizzard. Thankfully and almost by accident the group stumbled upon a small incline which kept the wind from hitting their faces. Like a trench in the cold bleak looking wilds the group made their way through the maze of ice before they came across what looked to be an odd shaped metal pole.

“What is it?” Miri had never seen anything like it. Who could have placed it there? Sephyra gave a tug of her reins as her master pulled her to a stop and soon the other two followed.

“It has to be a totem. Look.” Swinging himself off Fine’s back Naasir moved toward the odd looking object before kneeling beside the base. Cravings and weird looking symbols covered the rock formed base while along the poles side seemed to be even more strange words. It had to be one! Were they going the right way?

“The only chance we got right now is following this trail out of here and hope we get into the forest before nightfall. The trees can block out most of the wind. We set up camp in the middle of the tundra and we could get covered in snow.” Giving the others a glance, Naasir returned to Fine’s side before swinging himself up onto her back and nudged her forward. They had a lot of ground to cover and right now there was no more time for discussing plans. They either followed him or would be left behind.

Giving Miri a look, Ryan let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. This handler man. He was something.

“Don’t worry about him Ryan. Let’s just get this over with alright?” Reaching over she patted the red heads arm while he grumbled and mumbled under his breath. His mount was just as irritated as she dragged herself after the other half mane while Sephyra trailed behind her. This sure was turning out to be an interesting trip.

Within a short time span the days flew past quickly. The third seemed uneventful as the group continued to truck through the tundra before happening into a thick forested area. Luckily they bumped into another totem which lead them toward one of the larger lakes that was nestled within the tree line. As the forth day passed more of the same for the group and once the fifth day was upon them all three handlers knew they had to find that finish line or they’d all have to restart their quest.

“Look!” Morning turned into afternoon, but by some miracle Miri happened upon another totem like the last two they had bumped into. The tree looked like any other tree, but deep groves in the bark gave it away. A totem disguised as a tree! Some amazing craftsmanship went into it. As both men trailed up behind her, Fine was the first to perk her ears forward and let out a soft growl.

“What is it girl?” Placing his hand on her neck, Naasir turned toward where Fine was looking before he quickly nudged her forward. “It’s here! Over here!” Bounding away, Ryan and Miri could only glance at one another before urging their mounts after the other. Clever and Sephyra both ran after the faster half mane as she easily cleared a few fall logs and over a small stream. There it was! Right before them! Naasir couldn’t help but smirk as Fine bolted through the finish line and trotted happily to a stop. “Ahi good girl!” Giving Fine’s short mane a soft tussle he turned to see the other two follow right after across the line. Success! But did they make it in time?

“Congratulations! You had but a mere two hours left on your time. You made it.” A man slowly made his way toward them from the high tree perch he had been sitting upon. From the way he dressed, everyone assumed he was from the village council or someone in charge of waiting for Rite takers. “You all may continue on to your next rites. I hope all goes well.”

“Thank you sir.” With that, Naasir turned toward Ryan and Miri both before giving them a curt head nod. They couldn’t come with him on his next task. Thank god. But still they had shown some good courage out there. “Take care on your last rite.” With that, Nassir left the pair alone. Second rite done. Now onto the very last one.
Rite of Fortitude (Finduilas/Clever Girl/Sephyra)
Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Finduilas 8289 by TotemSpirit
Registered name and ID number: Finduilas 8289
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?: PL
Handler name: Naasir Iparis
Class you are entering: Wild Merit - Hunting
Supplementary Items: None
Training images and/or bonus images: None
Inbred: No

Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Sephyra 9700 by TotemSpirit
Registered name and ID number: Sephyra 9700
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?: PB
Handler name: Mirielle Farrowstead
Class you are entering: Wild Merit - Hunting
Supplementary Items: None
Training images and/or bonus images: To the Rescue! , Finished commission, (idk what number XD)
Inbred: No

Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Clever Girl 6726 by TotemSpirit
Registered name and ID number: Clever Girl 6726
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?: PB
Handler name: Ryan Ashwood
Class you are entering: Wild Merit - Hunting
Supplementary Items: None
Training images and/or bonus images: Not All Sunshine , Black Moonlit 2 (Part 1) , FISHFIGHT , Winter's Harald , Spirit Fishing
Inbred: No

Total Words = 2217

Naasir and Finduilas belong to Ebbarie ! 2 out of 3 AoAs

Miri and Sephy belong to SeaCrest-Star ! (If you have any training lit/images let me know. I'll try and add them before this gets judged.)
I'm looking for any plushie people that might be open for commissions. My brother's birthday is coming up and I want to get him a special pokemon doll. *he's a big pokemon fan* That or maybe something from Xenoblade Chronicles if possible.

If anyone knows any plush artists that are open and link me their journals I would be forever grateful!
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Dark Side of the Moon 9490 by TotemSpirit

0HP/75HP _ Submissive to Average

Divider by Syrubis

Registered name: Dark Side of the Moon
Nickname(s): Sirus
ID number: 9490
Owner: FluffyFatFudog 
Breeder: Ecanusiofiel 
Species: Tokotas
Breed: Canarctos Venatori 
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Mane type: Half mane
Genotype: Ee/aa/tt/MM/CC/AA 
Phenotype: Marked collared black with accents 
Eye color: Seafoam
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 865 lb
Hierarchy status: Submissive
Rites of Fertility: 0/3
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health Status: Healthy 

Personality: You want a serious Tokotas? Well this is your boy. Sirus takes his tasks and jobs very seriously. In fact, the young male has never really done anything other than work. No play. No tussles. Nothing that he didn't deem worth of his time or an importance. Around other Tokota he is very stand-offish and doesn't interact much with them. Dires also seem to be an issue with this boy as he usually snaps or growls if one gets to near. Males he is usually fine with, but females cause this boy to duck in cover as he does his best to escape their gazes or sniffs. With his handler Sirus is straight-forward but he also shows a gentle side. Works hard and doesn't play games. This boy is 100% serious.


------------------------------------------ SSS: Reginald 513
----------------- SS: Saren 4480
------------------------------------------ SSD: Azhela 2427
Sire: Lord Crow 6974 
------------------------------------------ SDS: Vuur 1673
----------------- SD: Oka 3715
------------------------------------------ SDD: Lunar 3001
------------------------------------------ DSS: Anguta 05
----------------- DS: Atanarjuat 208
------------------------------------------ DSD: Jeta 183
Dam: Valar Morghulis 4739  
------------------------------------------ DDS: Senad 253
----------------- DD: Noir 3355
------------------------------------------ DDD: Tali'Zorah 2407

Design (c) dergenn

Divider by Syrubis






Divider by Syrubis


Ryan Ashwood

 photo 639e8b85-96d7-48bd-80bb-555bbc4c8c48_zpscirdvs3v.png
(Winter clothes coming soon)

Divider by Syrubis






Divider by Syrubis






Divider by Syrubis

Rites of Fertility



Rites of Dominance

Coming Soon

Divider by Syrubis

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